Virus Detection and Removal Services

Computers are infected by various things, the primary problem is infection via a computer virus, although this is the only thing that is able to make a copy of itself and infect your and possibly others computers, other malware includes thing like spyware trojans and adware all of which are undesirable and some are down right dangerous.
Interface are able to detect and remove most of these pests.

Virus detection and removal service ...


Anybody can contract a computer virus, most computers have some form of anti-virus software that protects them to a degree, however, it is necessary to ensure that these programs swiss replica watches are updated daily and that they are keeping a watch over your computer 24/7. In excess of 35000 new viruses, etc are detected each day, of this approximately half are spyware, malware or adware and can simply be contracted by visiting a website that broadcast them, known as "drive-by infections" and can be very damaging, by collecting information that you enter and sending it to unscrupulous replica watches organisations - a major source of Identity Theft.

By keeping our anti-virus files right up to date, we are able to detect and remove most of these pests, however, this can be a very lengthy process, and certainly it could be cheaper to consider buying a new PC if you are very badly infected.  The best way to protect yourself from these pests is to have an up to date anti-virus program, and also and up to date anti-malware program, and to run these daily, after checking for updated reference files, this is of replica watches uk paramount importance because of the rate of new viruses being added each day. Please check out our resources page for information of Free anti-virus and anti-malware programs that are available, each with free daily updates of the detection reference files. It is a proven fact that the all-in-one programs such as "Norton Internet Security" are less effective that running a program for virus detection,  protection and removal, plus a separate program for detecting, protecting and removing malware.

In most cases we isolate you PC from the internet and any other networks and set to running our anti-virus and anti-malware programs, these programs need to be run on all files on your computer and as such will take hours to run each time. A badly infected PC may take several passes of each of the detection programs to identify each of the problems and may take more than a simple execution of the cleaning option to remove them. For best results we need to keep your PC for around 5 working days to ensure we are able to remove the pests and clean up your PC, our service includes the loading of Free anti-virus and anti-malware programs.

How do I know if I have a virus/malware on my PC ?

  • PC running slow ..
  • Internet running slow ..
  • Can't update your antivirus or malware program ..
  • You seem to be receiving lots of spam emails ..
  • Friends tell you you have infected their computer ..
  • Your PC takes a long time to start-up ..
  • Your screen takes a long time to refresh ..
  • When typing keystrokes take a long time to display ..

In most cases the virus may be removed by the slow process of scanning every file and comparing it to the anti-virus/malware reference files and taking the appropriate action. In the worst case you may need to reload your operating system - in this case we attempt to recover your data and save it so that when your operating system is reinstalled you get all of your information back safely.

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