Personal Computer Support Options

Just like any other instrument, a personal computer needs care and attention to keep it breitling replica running at its best, Interface offer you support to achieve this. Our support options are replica watches uk designed to help you maintain your computer without costing the earth. There two services for customers choosing to retain Interface on a service contract and two for our other customers.

The most cost effective support is where you bring you computer to Interface for a repair or health check, next is where we visit you and perform the necessary repairs/checks at your premises, finally there are On-line and telephone support options for those customers on service contracts.

Non contract  support options ...


In the event that you have a problem with your PC that needs immediate attention, the best way is to book a call and we will visit you and check and repair your PC on site at your premises, this option may involve travelling charges. Alternatively you may book a slot to drop-in to our PC clinic at Interface here : La Chapelle aux Lys, 85120; and we will diagnose and repair you PC during your visit if possible.

Keeping in stock most basic components such as power supplies, memory, hard disk drives and the like we are able to effect most repairs immediately, however due to the countless number and type of components it may be necessary to order specific items to complete the repairs to your PC. We are also able to repair most simple printer faults and other peripherals, such as speakers, scanners and monitors. We also keep a stock of keyboards and mice as these are best replaced, not repaired

In the event of the need to order replacement parts we have found that most parts will be with us within 10 working days, and if it is critical we are able to loan you a PC so that you may keep up to speed with your emails. For business customers we recommend taking out a service contract, please see below....

Service Repair and Support Contracts ...


We are able to offer support tailored to suit the needs of users who need their PC 24/7, these are assessed on the number and type of PCs and peripherals  that you have, and consider your environment, for example are you networked, do you have a server.

These options start from 30euros per month and include 1 hour on-site at your premises performing preventative maintenance, including checking the update state of your operating system, applications, anti-virus and anti-malware programs. Running diagnostics and checking performance, cleaning up temporary files and the like, Finally we give the inside and outside a good clean.

These service support options may include remote on-line support, a method where we are able to connect to your PC or network remotely (given your permission and the relevant login and passwords) and effect repairs and set-up new programs and check for other problems. Also available are telephone support options,  where you are able to telephone and ask how to resolve any issue relating to your IT.

Think of your PC as if it were your car, in order to keep it in tip top condition your need to get it serviced, regular servicing has a preventative effect and also gives the technician the ability to anticipate problems and advise you what to do about them. The same is true for your PC, treat it like your car and you will get long, efficient and reliable service from it. please ask about our service options, they are much cheaper than you may think and could save you masses of time ..

How to contact Interface


Office hours are Monday to Friday 08:00 to 13:00, please telephone or email your requests and we will arrange a mutually convenient appointment to resolve your issue/s.

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Drop-in Clinic

Like to deliver your hardware for repair/upgrade or a simple investigation as to what is wrong you may visit on Saturday from 09:30 to 15:00, please see our location page for where to find  us.