Personal Computer Repairs and Upgrades

This service is designed to get your PC to its optimum condition, if it is now too old to run well with the current software and facilities, you replica watches uk could consider upgrading, add more memory, better graphics, more room for data or indeed a new processor. Or if you simply want to repair non functioning equipment we can check it out and recommend what to do next.

PC Repairs and Upgrades ...


Personal Computers are like a LEGO set! so most components are repairable via a replacement part, that simply slots in, there are many reasons why PCs fail, from components simply failing because of age or poor quality components, to that good old thunderstorm! One replica watches uk common problem is failure due to overheating usually because of poor airflow in the case, whatever the problem, ICE will be able to recommend a suitable solution after a few diagnostics and a visual check are made, please contact us to book in a service visit, or to drop-in for a health check.

PC are generally obsolete when sold, that is to say most computers are two years in design and development, and with technology racing ahead by the time they are on the shelves there are far more advanced models on the way !

It is normally possible to upgrade most personal computers by adding more memory, storage or indeed a new processor or replica watches graphics card, these upgrades can mean that your PC will run faster and be more productive for longer, extending the useful life of your PC for a year or two at least.

Here are some reasons why our customers contact us ...

  • PC running slow...
  • Internet running slow...
  • Can't get the printer or scanner working...
  • Sound not working...
  • Graphics display is poor...
  • Strange noises coming from the processor unit...
  • Can't burn my pictures to a CD/DVD...
  • Need to add a wireless PC card...

In each of the above cases, Interface were able to provide an inexpensive solution to resolve the customer's problem.

How to contact Interface


Office hours are Monday to Friday 08:00 to 13:00, please telephone or email your requests and we will arrange a mutually convenient appointment to resolve your issue/s.

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Drop-in Clinic

Like to deliver your hardware for repair/upgrade or a simple investigation as to what is wrong you may visit on Saturday from 09:30 to 15:00, please see our location page for where to find  us.