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Being connected to the internet seems to be crucial to our wellbeing here in France and is from my experience one of the most frustrating services available here.  Poor telephone lines and long distances from the exchanges mean constant replica watches uk problems with fast internet connections.  My service is generally OK when the weather is good but lookout when it is raining or there is a high wind! I am sure that I am not alone with these issues, the quality of the infernal Livebox also replica watches uk has to be considered, so if you have issues with your broadband, help is on hand, please give me a ring to discuss the options.

Internet and Broadband services ...


There are always many solutions to any problem, I am sure that the issues here relating to high speed internet connections are just the same, often the ability to communicate with the French technicians causes people problems when trying to resolve connection problems, and the "Livebox" itself does not help!

Understanding what is available and what is possible stand you in good stead when planning your internet access, and resolving problems with connections. Having been trained in communications before learning the computing skills I soon realised the weak link in my broadband connection - the modem/router known as a "Livebox". I chose to bring my UK Netgear router with me and until a recent problem with the exchange in  Breuil-Barret where a technician forgot to disconnect my line before he started work and totally destroyed it! I was getting on fine. I have now replaced the Netgear with a new one and my connection has been very stable.

You can opt for wired or wireless to connect to the internet if you have a broadband, or adsl connection, a simple addition to either your desktop or laptop PC will connect you wirelessly to your wireless broadband Modem/router, although most good routers will permit a wired connection or four to the network. Wireless is normally just as secure as a wired connection if you set the security up properly, and is just as easy to connect to.

Trouble shooting broadband problems - self help ...

  • Check the telephone line is working ..
  • Are the lights on the modem/router correct ..
  • Reboot the modem/router switch off for min of 30sec ..
  • Check power to modem/router OK ..
  • Check the modem/router is connected to the phone line ..
  • Are the lights on the modem/router correct ..

There are many things that can affect your broadband internet connection, such as a virus or malware, a Microsoft upgrade, other software or driver upgrade, have you deleted any software?, have you installed any new software, each of these items could potentially change you internet settings, it is just a question of working through the options.

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